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Absolutely amazing! This body butter is creamy and richly fragranced. I love how a little goes a long way.

One of my favorite products from this company. I always received this product within 2 days of ordering.

I love this product. I’ve been shopping with Airmid Beauty since 2020.

I love this product and it works I mean it really works. My skin has changed back to when I was in high school. My skin complexion is amazing and everybody notices the change I'm loving it I got my confidence back. Thank you.

Leaves your face glowing.

Really good products

Love the way my skin feels after washing my face with it .

I love it! The body butter is not too greasy and the smell is amazing! The turmeric face bar is doing its jobs, no more dark spots and my skin is glowing! I will be purchasing more again!!!

Flower blossom Yoni wash

The flower blossom yoni wash is just like I remember it. I had it about 6 months to maybe a year ago and it’s just like I like it. Very good product !!

Broke out in more acne definitely not organic

Great product great smell

I’ve been buying this for months and it’s Amazing !!! Saw a slight difference after one use .

I love this amazing bar 10/10

I love the oil. Delicately scented. A pleasant addition to my daily routine. A little goes a long way! I also put the residual on my hands in my hair. This vendor was an awesome find for me!

Carrot x Turmeric Brightening Soap

Mandelic x Turmeric Face and body soap

I received the soap it was not secure properly half of the soap bar was already cut off the plastic was just thrown together in there I don't see a change in my scars I don't think this is the real turmeric

Hi There Katrina,
Thank you for taking the time to review our products. It means a lot to us however we wanted to point out few remarks you made. We take pride in our packaging so the description you provided was very shocking to us and we wish you had sent us a picture so we can actually see. We want to assure you that our whole production procedure is miticulously followed to promote customers satisfaction, furthermore we use 100% organic ingredients in all our products. We noticed that you placed your order within this month and if used " consistently", it will make approximately 3 weeks of usage, which is a very short time period to expect your scars to disappear. Our products are Natural, ZERO CHEMICAL to produce an overnight results. When starting a new skin regimen, it takes some time for the skin to adjust and for the products to start working especially if it is a TRUE NATURAL products ( our case here). We really just wanted to clarify this and hope it helps. Thank you

Yea I liked it I had a bar before from a friend n I order this one it’s really working

Love it

Cleared my skin up! I have sensitive skin but this hasn’t irritated it at all. It gives the slightest of stinging but goes away as soon as I rinse it off. My skin really has gotten clear since using and I wear makeup daily!

Great smell, conditions, shipping is always on time

Flower Blossom Yoni Soap
EUNICE Powell-Russell

We love it!!!

This soap is really good , I brought it for my entire family !!

Love Love Love this soap my skin is so clear now! !!

I love the products